Positioning and Strategic Drive

We are a global company based in US, searching for tech startups
with big ambitions


We analyse startups and projects using the following premisses:

Technology area | Innovation | Strategic market | Scalability | Global ambitions

Global Networking

São Paulo | Assuncion | Miami | Frankfurt | Dubai

We are looking for startups with
big ambitions! I&F Capital and Management

Our Services

Our company offers an interface between Investors and Founders, focused on bringing the expertise of our Team to help on
investment structuring, strategic decisions, corporate governance and tech coaching.

Capital and Investment

Business Plan | Project Finance | Investment Structuring | Business Advisory
Funding Raising | DD

Corporate Governance

Back-Office Management | Audit | Finance Reports | Technology Committee | Technology Coaching


Our Client Testimonials

Our Cases

See who is already expanding globaly backed up by I&F services

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Connectbahn Fintech platform

Our Team

Cristiano Iop

Cristiano Iop


Engineer with a passion for entreperneurship and challenges. Specialized in development of projects in start-ups with focus on sustainable growth and globalization.

Alvaro Karam

Álvaro Karam


Partner of the IT Consulting firm CARIBROS and the US business incubator for IT companies CUBOSTART. More than 30 years of executive career on IT companies.

Fabio Fischer

Fabio Fischer


Lawyer specialized in Business and International Law. 18 years of executive career in leadership role in the outsourcing market and international business structuring.

Alexandre Stumpf

Alexandre Stumpf


21 years of entrepreneurship and leadership role in start-ups, leading teams to build high quality software and products to create Internet products for B2B and B2C.


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